Family Therapy


You and your husband are great when you are alone, but every time your mother in law visits, suddenly your husband’s behavior changes, he stops helping you around the home, stops sharing household responsibilities, do you and your husband end up fighting and landing up with misunderstanding. Family Therapy can help you guys create a better atmosphere and understanding between you two and extended families.

Do you have a toxic mother in law, but nobody seems to understand your mother in law problems. When you speak to husband he either doesn’t understand or if he understands but can’t say anything to his parents to offend them. You don’t want to put your husband in a fix, but don’t know how to handle this situation and are tiered of the misunderstanding that gets created. Family therapy can help create a workable atmosphere at home and peace with extended families.

Do you feel sandwiched between your mother and your wife, do your mother and wife doesn’t get along well, you don’t want to take sides if you take mother’s side wife gets upset if you take wife’s side mother is upset. You feel stressed out whenever the entire family is together. You tried speaking to both of them, you used anger, love, threat, silence everything but still situation remains the same. Family therapy helps reduce conflict, misunderstanding, and unnecessary stress. Family counselor for help you create an amicable atmosphere at home.

Have you been too busy chasing your dream, or launching your startup or got too busy earning money, name, fame, that you forgot to pay attention to family when they needed you, now when you have time and you want to connect with your partner or kids, they seem to have moved on, found their own life and you are clueless what to do. Family therapy can help you connect back with your loves ones.

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