Happy Valentine’s Day


On Valentine’s Day, when facebook is full of how one got gifts , how their partners made them feel special, when everybody is putting romantic couple pictures, when neighbors, friendsradio city, TV, everyone on social media … almost every one seems to be celebrating Valentine’s day, I wonder why I am sitting and having my evening coffee alone, why only my partner is so unromantic, why I didn’t even get a single rose, why my life is so loveless, why my marriage is so unromantic, why…. if you are also feeling in these lines you are not alone.

Today more than feeling the love, it has become important to show to the world how special I am, how much my partner does for me, see how romantic couple we are.In the process unknowingly I have started comparing my spouse with the ones on social media. 

For a change can I make Love about making my partner feel special instead of looking for how he/she is making me feel. I have no control over how romantic is my partner, but if I know I am romantic, did I do something really romantic today? Did I express my love for him/her? Did I kiss him/her? did I leave a small sticky note in his/her laptop bag? Did I make Love about giving and not getting. 

Let’s make Love about Giving and not Getting

When we make our life about giving and not expecting, asking or getting, the person we become in the process is someone I am sure you will fall in love with.When your relationship is about contributing, you can make it beautiful on every occasion and everyday can be a valentine’s day. You may not agree with me, are you at least ready to try it on …

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