She narrates her story as she decides to let him go


               I am sharing my story so that others in my shoes can get some help from what I went through. I and my husband were going through a rough phase where he was ok with being just roommates who share the bills but not being one couple, and I was not ok to live this kind of married life. For past 2yrs I kept on trying every possible way to resolve this but he was clear for rest of our life we will be roommates only. On that if I asked for divorce he would agree to give divorce but not agree to work on the marriage or go to any marriage counsellor. I was suffering with loneliness, frustration and almost feeling forced to stay in this kind of arrangement. But still I was not able to take any decision, whenever I will think of divorce time and again I felt may be I didn’t try enough to save my marriage, maybe I did something that he became so indifferent to me, but the more I try, more disappointed I got because he remained strong on staying like roommates. If I decide to stay in the marriage I felt extremely lonely, unloved, unwanted and disrespected. I was STUCK in this situation till I met Coach Suchetaa.


           With her I started my inward journey; I started loving respecting and taking care of myself. The more I got connected with myself the lesser I would expect anything from my husband, and even lesser was the impact of his indifference or behavior towards me. I felt happy again, I started living again, I started doing things that makes me happy. I reconnected with old friends and made some new friends. Soon I realized I deserve love , I deserve a relationship where I am respected and valued not taken for granted. Finally I could come take the decision to let him go with no regrets whatsoever in my heart. Today I have filed for divorce, taken charge of my finances, taken 100% care of my kid, learnt about investing, shifted to a new fresh house, created a support structure around me so that I can ask for help if I need. Believe me each and every step I was scared not because I am incapable but because I was not able to break the shackles of known zone (so called comfort zone). On each and every step Coach Suchetaa made me stronger, gave me strength, showed me my power and I kept crossing one step at a time.

         I believed marriage counselling is only to save the marriage and fix the issues, but I didn’t know marriage counselling can also help us separate peacefully while keeping the mutual respect alive. Today I feel so peaceful, happy, loved, strong…I can go on. Thanks for being there and helping me take the toughest decision of my life.

(One of our clients, shared her story- Regards Coach Suchetaa)


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