My husband left me for another woman

A 36 year old woman with 2 kids approached us, more than 5yrs back her husband left her for another woman, when her younger one was not even a year. old, elder one was 5yrs old, and he blackmailed her in the name of kids and forced her to give divorce. When he left she was not in job, she had left her job to raise the kids, she hardly had few thousand rupees in her bank account, staying in a rented apartment where she doesn’t even had enough money to pay the next month’s rent. Since then he never looked back, nor did he ever call to enquire about the kids.

From that situation she started from asking for help from house owner to give her few months to stay and pay later, she got a job again, started earning, taking care of kids, grown over the years, bought 2 houses, bought car, secured kid’s future and education, but for 5 long yrs she used to cry every single night thinking why me, why he left me, how life would have been if she had him around, she cried out of loneliness and kept on questioning her worthiness of being happy in life. She was so ashamed of what happened that she stopped meeting friends and relatives.


While sharing her life with me she will start every sentence with tears in her eyes and end every sentence with tears rolling down her cheeks. With each session, every week I have seen her heal and grow, I saw her emerge as a very happy woman, she realized there was nothing wrong with her, she was not responsible for her husband’s affair and he leaving, she realized he left 5yrs back but she is living that day every night for past 5 yr. She slowly started to connect with herself, love herself, accept her past, smile for herself not for anyone else, she started taking interest in all that that made her happy, she started meeting friends and relatives with no shame, she finally could forgive him and set peace with her past.


In 3 months’ time I saw her going on solo trips, going on vacation with kids, visiting relatives’ house, changing her wardrobe, being open to new relationships, dating other men, dancing , eating well, losing weight …in short living life with no regrets. She got her self-worth, self-respect and happiness is in her own hands.


When I see her and her kids, I am filled with gratitude that I could see them smile; I draw my satisfaction from my work, because of such amazing woman.

God bless her always.



Coach Suchetaa

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