My husband left me for another woman

A 36 year old woman with 2 kids approached us, more than 5yrs back her husband left her for another woman, when her younger one was not even a year. old, elder one was 5yrs old, and he blackmailed her in the name of kids and forced her to give divorce. When he left she was not in job, she had left her job to raise the kids, she hardly had few thousand rupees in her bank account…

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Success Story – Inspiring story of a woman healing her marriage

A highly qualified, with a successful career, independent women approached us, that her husband hit her so bad that she had to drag him to the police station and then she came back to her parents’ house with her kids.

Parents and brother were hurt, worried and confused to see her in this state after 12yrs of marriage. The husband didn’t say sorry but kept on saying she provoked him to this state, she was crying and sharing what all ways he has been hurting her for the past 12yrs.He didn’t believe in counseling/coaching so he will not speak to me or any other counselor at all.

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Happy Valentine’s Day

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY On Valentine’s Day, when facebook is full of how one got gifts , how their partners made them feel special, when everybody

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How to get over a breakup during the lockdown?

Breakups are tough to deal with, they hurt, they are heart quenching. A breakup on a message or a call when you have no possibility of seeing or meeting each other in the near future can be very painful. Can we deal with a breakup during the lock-down period all by ourselves? Yes, of course, let’s see how:-

1. Accept what just happened. We get busy asking questions like why is it happening to me, how can he do this to me? Is it temporary? Will he miss me tomorrow?

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