I believe in relationships, love, and connection. The base of my coaching is creating powerful relationships in every area of one’s life. I believe however rich, successful, famous we are when we win an award if we don’t have anybody to celebrate it with, nobody is happy in our accomplishment it loses its meaning. People who know how to build fulfilling and resourceful relationships can excel in any field be it job, career progression, business, marriage, social life, friends, family…

The kind of mental stability, emotional strength and strong personality I have today is because I had a very balanced childhood, my parents were amazing as a couple, as parents; I have seen them going through tough thick and thin together, I have grown up in a very healthy family. Because we have seen healthy families we have grown up emotionally stable. But today marriage as an institute is dying. Every day I come across so many couples who after 5yrs, 10yr, 20yrs, 25yrs of marriage are getting separated, divorced, getting into extramarital affairs, turning indifferent towards their partners or staying under the same roof just for the namesake with no actual relationship between them. And that’s affecting the next generation very badly, where they don’t even want to get married. As a result, youngsters are getting into multiple affairs with no intention to get committed. By the time they are 29-30yrs, they are emotionally drained out and feeling lost. Along with these, the pressure individual is facing because of the penetrating effect of social media in each one of our lives. People have lots of friends on Facebook, tons of followers on Instagram, most of the time chatting on WhatsApp, video chats, but the real connection with another human being right in front of you is missing. All this is leading to a steep rise in the no of depression and anxiety cases in India.

You’ll be shocked to know that 675,969 people suffered from depression in India as of 2015(Source WHO), 300 million people worldwide are suffering from depression and India is the most depressed country in the world (source –WHO 2018 reports). The average suicide rate in India is 10.9 for every lakh people and the majority of people who commit suicide is below 44 years of age.

We at Coach Suchetaa are committed to bring about a change, change the way people look at long term relationships in India, a change in the way young India relates to human beings, a change in the way corporates operate as a team, a change in the way people look at success, not just a destination to reach somehow but a journey worth traveling while making a difference to fellow travelers.

​We are here to do our bit to bring the real connection alive. I am sure if you are reading it till here you are with us in this mission.


Suchetta Saha