– Step by step convert an idea into business.

– Write your business plan

– Have clear and achievable milestones

– Design an Effective Marketing strategy

– Don’t just survive, make profits

– Surround yourself with like-minded people

– Get a business coach at every step of the game

Are you ready for the drill?

Solopreneur, Budding entrepreneur, Self Employed, Planning to start your own business this is for you.


  • Get absolute clarity, what do you want to achieve through your business.
  • What Market analysis/ Market research to do before you launch yourself.
  • How to write an effective business plan.
  • Create a marketing strategy that helps you build a brand.
  • Role of each marketing channel (FB, Instagram, Google, email, direct mail, website etc) have
  • Not only promote and market but also sell and make profits.
  • Make plan of action with achievable milestones.
  • Increase your profits and productivity.
  • Get funded / sponsored / financial aid to start strong.
  • Become successful businessman don’t remain struggling entrepreneur.
  • Build an efficient ad high performing team.
  • How to become successful businessman.
  • Till you become successful businessman, the journey could be extremely lonely and depressing at times. Come be a part of a community that holds your back till the end.
  • Fear of past failures is stopping you to start afresh, now no more. Strategy and planning can nail it.
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