Marriage Counseling

Marriage Counselor can help restore marriages. She can help resolve conflicts, conflicts arising from financial dealing, conflicts because of sexual interest, can help you communicate difficult emotions, improve your relationship, effectively deal with  parenting challenges, extra marital affair related issues, deal with deep-rooted emotional hurts, challenges caused by in-laws interference. How to feel loved no matter how your partner behaves, how to create mutual respect, how to understand the difference and find a way to accept them, provided you choose the right Marriage Counselor.

Most of the time people are searching for ‘Marriage Counselor Near me’ or ‘How much they charge’. But the fact is one needs to look for someone who has a proven track record, someone who has many good reviews on 

common platforms like Google or FB, one who is in the profession for long enough, one who listens to you keenly nd completely before giving you any suggestion, someone who tells you, your mistakes on your face nd not agree with you all the time when you complain bout your partner just to make you feel better temporarily.

Marriage Counselor is someone who stays committed to your relationship goals even when you loose track of it because of your changing moods and feelings. Make sure you choose your Relationship Coach carefully.

Marriage Counselor will not fix your partner for you, but can help you accept yourself the way you are and accept your partner the way they are, yet create  working partnership that lasts for long. Marriage Counselor helps you communicate in a way that it creates a desire in your partner to change for you.

An extra marital affair is worldly defined as when a married person engages in sexual activity with someone other than his or her spouse. But many don’t understand, infidelity is not just when someone sexually engages outside the marriage but when someone spends all their time working in the office and chasing career goals  absolutely neglecting their spouse is also infidelity. When someone spends every evening with friends drinking, playing, talking and having fun, leaving their spouse at home all alone is also infidelity. When someone trusts their parents more than their partner, shares everything with their parents, spends most of their time with their parents leaving their spouse to feel they are the most insignificant part of their life, is also a form of infidelity.

In this internet era, when everyone have a smart phone in their hand, everyone have access to porn, virtual sex, sex chats rooms , escort sites, umpteen number of colleagues and friends of opposite sex, all their Exs 24×7. If we are on an ongoing basis not living and creating fulfillment in our relationships, falling pray of a weak moment can be the next moment for anyone

My husband left me for another woman , My wife asked me for divorce and I don’t know what to do , I feel unhappy in my marriage should I leave, My wife is not interested in sex , My husband has turned indifferent , What should I do I don’t think I love my wife anymore , I had sex with my colleague and now I feel miserable with my wife , My partner wants Marriage counseling but I just want a divorce should I try the Marriage counseling , I fell in love with my ex neither I want to break my marriage nor do I want to leave my ex ,My wife doesn’t give me any space I am fed up with my life ,We have filed for divorce can Marriage counseling help in restoring our marriage , Every time my mother-in-law comes I and my husband fight , I and my wife fight a lot , I am in this marriage only for my kids , My husband cheated on me now what , I feel lonely sad neglected and taken for granted …

If you are going through any of these feelings you are not alone, today marriages and long-term relationships have become complicated. It needs effort in the right direction to restore love and respect in our relationships. Don’t deal with it alone, call now, marriage counselor can help. Many people ask “If you need marriage counselor, is it really worth saving your marriage?” My answer is “If you fall sick again and again, do you go to the doctor or you question is it worth living?” Like any new relationship, marriage also starts with a lot of excitement, passion, happy hormones, love and understanding and over a period of time you no more feel the same and it’s normal. But it doesn’t mean you have to live in a loveless marriage for rest of your life. 

Marriage counselor can help you lay a strong foundation for a long term relationship.

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