Success Story – Inspiring story of a woman healing her marriage


Inspiring Story of a woman healing her marriage

          A highly qualified, with a successful career, independent women approached us, that her husband hit her so bad that she had to drag him to the police station and then she came back to her parents’ house with her kids.

        Parents and brother were hurt, worried and confused to see her in this state after 12yrs of marriage. The husband didn’t say sorry but kept on saying she provoked him to this state, she was crying and sharing what all ways he has been hurting her for the past 12yrs.He didn’t believe in counseling/coaching so he will not speak to me or any other counselor at all.

          So I started with the mission, with or without her husband I want her to live a great life and create a beautiful space for kids to grow happily. Right from the beginning she surrendered to coaching 100%, she kept on working on herself, everything that didn’t work for her took that out of her life, what she needed to develop she developed, stopped blaming husband or anybody for anything, started loving herself, being peaceful all by herself despite of what’s happening in her life, spending great time with kids, parents and brother. She in real sense got connected with herself and took responsibility of her life, emotions, behaviors, strengths, and weaknesses past, present and future. She saw how she is responsible for her life turning out like this by the way she handled situations, by the way she compromised willingly, by the way she behaved, shouted, reacted, not respected or valued what husband did, but always pointing out to what he is not doing and allowing him to treat her a certain way. She also realized that she is capable of doing all that she wants for her happiness all by herself. Today she has decided to give this marriage a chance by correcting her part and bringing to marriage this new mature women and see if she can create a new life, a new marriage and a new reality for herself, her kids and her husband.

       Today when she shared with me, how her husband is treating her with love and respect, how he is taking care of her, how he is considering her in every small decisions he is taking, how he is missing her, adoring her presence, they are having this honeymoon period all over again, I cried, she cried and tears of joy filled the space with love and happiness.

       They journey was not easy, all by herself she created a new reality for herself and everyone around her. With deep respect for her and heart felt gratitude that she gave me a chance to contribute, because of such clients my life is worth living.


Coach Suchetaa

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