How to get over a breakup during the lockdown?

How to deal with a breakup?

Breakups are tough to deal with, they hurt, they are heart quenching. A breakup on a message or a call when you have no possibility of seeing or meeting each other in the near future can be very painful. Can we deal with a breakup during the lock-down period all by ourselves? Yes, of course, let’s see how:-


1. Accept what just happened. We get busy asking questions like why is it happening to me, how can he do this to me? Is it temporary? Will he miss me tomorrow? Will he call me back?  Could I have done something to stop this? I am sure he has said this in anger, he really doesn’t mean it…I want to tell you please stop and please accept that the relationship is over, the longer we resist to accept, the longer we are keeping ourselves in pain. Believe me its ok, it’s really ok the way you feel, the way it hurts, the way you feel angry at times, it’s ok the way you are, it happens.

2. You might start thinking something wrong with me, am I not good enough? Am I not beautiful enough? Am I not sexy enough? Did I not love him enough? Did he find someone better than me? …I want to tell you it’s not your fault; it’s not about you at all. People, who want to go they will go in any case, people who want to stay, will find a way.

3. For a minute, let’s think how will be your life during lockdown with him? How will it be without him? Practically seeing there is not much difference in the way you will spend the entire day, except that one call or one message from the person. It’s hardly 30mins to an hr. a day. Rest 23hrs remains the same, so can we make the most of rest 23hrs and for an hr. you can be sad, it’s ok.

4. Try crying, shouting, yelling, pouring your heart out, cry till you have no more tears, its ok to cry, it feels great. Believe me when you cry, cry and cry till you have no more tears to shed, you might have a slight headache, you might go to sleep. But after that you will feel absolute peaceful and done with it. We hide our tears, we fake a smile, it’s not worth it, just cry it out.

5. You know, the biggest revenge in the world is moving on, moving on like you never knew him, moving on like it didn’t impact you, moving on like you never enjoyed your freedom like this ever before, moving on like you have got another chance to live your life on your own terms. People who leave you expect you to cry, sulk, run after them, stock them, message them, but when you turn around and live your life like never before, they really don’t know how to handle it ;)Turn your life so damn beautiful, so very happy that they silently wish they were with you, you move on in such a way that even again in life you happen to meet them accidentally, you may not recognize them.

6. Exercise, I mean some form of physical activity, dance, aerobics, zumba. You might be thinking I am feeling so bad and dead that I don’t even feel like getting up, I know my dear, I really understand. Despite that push yourself to move that butt, cry and dance, take the anger out through zumba, take out your frustration and hurt in the form of aerobics, try, try at least once, believe me, you will find a new way of becoming happy, feeling fresh, suddenly not feeling sad anymore. I guarantee it will alter the way you feel instantly.

7. Cook your favorite food, it’s ok to indulge in chocolates, it’s ok to indulge in a lip-smacking favorite food, its ok to eat till your heart’s content, because right now you need to take care of yourself, you need to take care of your emotions, you need to feel good by yourself, with yourself. Eat and be merry.

8. Speak to your best friend about it, when you are in pain, having someone to listen to you from no judgment, having someone to cry with is the biggest blessing. We often pretend that everything is fine, we are doing great together despite a breakup, believe me, it’s not worth it, sharing with someone, cursing the person, bitching about him, crying out to someone is gonna give you a lot of freedom.

9. It’s high time to realize that no relationship in the world lasts forever except your relationship with yourself. When people are in love they often tend to neglect themselves, they keep the other person first, they start sacrificing, compromising and sometimes taking the pain to just stay in the relationship. If you don’t take care of yourself who will? if you don’t think of your happiness who will? if you can’t appreciate yourself who else will? if you don’t treat yourself with love and respect why will anyone else do? It’s time to realize the most reliable person in the world who can love you unconditionally, who can understand what you need at any point in time, who can always make you happy is you. Start the journey of self-love today.

10.If you still are in pain and can’t deal with it alone, can’t find someone to talk to, call me at +919606220602, I am just a call away, your relationship coach, always listening to you, being with you in anything that you are dealing with in life.

I hope this helps you in dealing with your breakup a bit better during this lockdown
Regards Coach Suchetaa
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